Laval offers thorough and professional facilities management services, taking care of all aspects of facility management, Emergency, and Urgent Maintenance, Periodical maintenance.


Our Services

LAVAL experts offer the full spectrum of help in specify, plan, deploy, implement, maintain & manage.

HVAC Systems

Maintaining heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems in the buildings, including heavy equipment such as refrigerants, Compressors, Chillers, and Boilers. All the equipment and systems, including channels, fans, insulation, electrical wiring, and bearings, are regularly examined through frequent maintenance.

Electrical Systems

Electrical systems including maintaining generators, emergency lighting, central battery, balancing the voltages, control garage gates, and automatic barriers, Electrical Substations, Monitoring systems, and others
Our services include the best advice to save energy costs in the common areas of the building and preventive maintenance of electrical systems. Generators, transformers, and circuit breakers are regularly checked to ensure safety.
Supply and installation of APC, UPS
Frequent maintenance also includes checking electricity outlets, electric current protection, generators, and lighting systems to ensure the structural and internal stability.

Building Maintenance systems

Full inspection schedules based on each building or facility plans, Laval can arrange for full maintenance and inspection Plan covering all the requirements of any facility or building 24/7 covering Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and IT systems

Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting Systems

Installation, Maintenance, Monitoring, and Programming the most effective fire fighting and Fire alarm systems in the world that fit houses, Companies, Towers, Airports, and Industrial Facilities.
All our suppliers are approved internationally and work according to the civil defense terms in any country we operate in it.
The Preventative and Full Periodical inspection and integrity tests are the fundamentals of any systems we install to keep the safety of our clients as our number one priority.

Elevesc and Lift Systems:

Through the best suppliers, Laval provides the best Lifts, Elevators, Escalators, and Auto walk systems, Maintenance of any Existing Systems, and preventative maintenance and precautions for the safety of and lift systems in buildings and facilities.

Low Current Systems

Laval Can Provide Low current systems that operate and function using a low current signal with extra low voltage.
Low Current System subtitle covers multiple specialized systems in the field of Electronics Systems Engineering.
• Gate barrier
• Access Control/Sliding Door

Plumbing systems

Our company deals with plumbing works covering all residential and commercial plumbing requirements. Laval team is formed of specialized technicians for installation of bathroom fixtures, plumbing accessories, heating elements, rectification, and layout of drainage lines, able to identify water leakage and provide necessary/immediate solution to upkeep the property.

Security CCTV systems , IPTV systems , FIDS & CUTE

With the best suppliers and best installation teams, Laval maintenance provides Security CCTV Systems, IPTV Systems, and Flight Display systems with full integration services and a periodical maintenance schedule.

Building Management System

We conduct daily inspection of the equipment sensors, check the wiring and connections, verify the setpoints, and remove the presence of rust/dust. The energy consumption is closely monitored to avoid any wasted energy and to ensure all equipment is running in good condition and as per the parameter required.
Laval Facilities Management also provides recommendations to achieve cost savings for the Client.

Runway Maintenance

The Company in maintaining the runway to keep it in a safe condition for aircraft use.
Making sure that the integrity of the top surface is absolute, and fixing any surface friction.
For Airports and Special Facilities, Laval provides the best maintenance of Runway, Taxiway, Landing services.

Solar Protection and Tanning Services

By using the best products and latest technology, Laval provides a wide range of options for solar protection and building tanning services meeting the best quality and requirements of the service.
The company Implementing and installing Solar Protection Films.
Helps to reflect sunlight, reduce fading, and help protect eyes from excess glare.

Soil Test and Topographical Services:

Through the best experts, Laboratories, and Equipment, Laval offers a wide range of services related to any construction location preparations using the best technology.

Design and planning

Whether a unique architectural masterpiece or facility planning for airports Commercial or residential projects, Laval Teams and Subcontractors offer the best design and planning services which can be associated with Full construction plans, Drawings and schedules with the best companies.

LED Screens Installation & Maintenance

To provide the best and latest technology , Laval is subcontracting the best
manufacturers of Giant Screens , LED screens and latest visual technology system used in different projects .
With experienced maintenance and follow Up , Laval team is able to provide the best visual services and present any facility a chance of uniqueness