Laval offers thorough and professional facilities management services, taking care of all aspects of facility management, Emergency, and Urgent Maintenance, Periodical maintenance.

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Electrical Systems


Electrical systems including maintaining generators, emergency lighting, central battery, balancing the voltages, control garage gates, and automatic barriers , Electrical Substations , Monitoring systems and others

Our services includes best advice to save energy costs in the common areas of the building and preventive maintenance of electrical systems. Generators, transformers and circuit breakers are regularly checked to ensure safety.

Supply and installation of APC , UPS

Frequent maintenance also includes checking electricity outlet, electric current protection, generators and lighting systems to ensure the structural and internal stability.


All electrical systems require periodic maintenance in addition to non-scheduled maintenance caused by unpredictable events such as storms, accidents, and equipment failure. The intent of periodic maintenance is to keep the system operating at the best level of service to the public , all our maintenance activities are performed on the cycle applicable for the system of the client .

With an increased reliance on both data collection and machinery run by computer software, electrical maintenance is more vital than ever. The failure of a single component in the electrical system can cause extensive downtime or data loss.


The electrical maintenance is based on the scheduled inspection , testing and maintenance of critical electrical components .

The electrical maintenance is covering as diverse areas as :

  • Digital communication
  • Electrical machines
  • High and Low Voltage
  • Generator
  • Hydraulic
  • Lighting system
  • Pneumatic
  • Surge protection
  • Substations