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Success Story

Erbil International Airport relays on Laval Maintenance & Services to achieve record time response to emergency maintenance and regular maintenance needs.


Erbil international Airport , Just mentioning this airport name brings the images of huge achievement by one of the leading locations that managed to be classified among the most important international airports.


This City that managed to attract the international flights and be the second economic capital of Kurdistan region managed through its leadership to establish a unique airport with amazing design and ability to serve all the needs of the different passengers . Yet Erbil International Airport relies on Laval Maintenance & Services company to achieve the best maintenance process to the airport facilities


Since October 2016 , Laval Maintenance supported by its sister companies in UAE , Lebanon , Jordan , UK has been providing Erbil International Airport in Mechanical , Electrical , Civil and IT departments with our professional team experience and our international relations with the most important suppliers for any equipment or services such an international airport needs.


From the daily inspection tours 24/7 and the record time in responding to any problem at any location at the airport to providing professional review of requirements and full inventory to the required materials, Laval Team managed to be an essential part of the airport staff series.


As a part of the company services and long term contract with Erbil International Airport which is built on mutual trust and the best advantages of the airport passengers and supported by the high experience at the airport management , Laval Team managed to build the core of real emergency responding , hard working staff which became the new module of maintenance companies in Kurdistan Region .


Through the company international offices and the long relations with the most important suppliers in different domains during the last 20 years , Laval Maintenance managed to approach the main international suppliers setting the standard of the ONLY THE BEST for any project supplies or installation teams .


Laval is committed with EIA to deal with the best international suppliers and the main producers of any equipment from Italy , Germany , France , Turkey , USA , Spain and others to ensure the best quality and warranty of any project , associated with the best training programs for Erbil international Airport to keep the airport teams up to date and acknowledged with the latest technologies in IT Projects , Electrical , Mechanical and Civil Projects.


With the increasing trust with our services and our ability to achieve maintenance for vital projects at the airport , in addition to the integrity and transparency that Laval management presented we managed to start planning for our maintenance to include periodical maintenance and preventative maintenance within 2018 looking to present this successful business cooperation to be an essential part of any airport in the region.


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