Laval offers thorough and professional facilities management services, taking care of all aspects of facility management, Emergency, and Urgent Maintenance, Periodical maintenance.

Low Current Systems

Routine testing and diagnostics of alarm , video surveillance systems , access control and Gates BarriersĀ  aim to prevention system failures and maintain continuous and faultless functioning over the lifetime of the system....


Elevesc and Lift Systems

Through the best suppliers, Laval provides the best Lifts , Elevators , Escalators and Auto walk systems , Maintenance of any Existing Systems and preventative maintenance and precautions for the safety of and lift systems in buildings and facilities ...


Electrical Systems

Electrical systems including maintaining generators, emergency lighting, central battery, balancing the voltages, control garage gates, and automatic barriers , Electrical Substations , Monitoring systems and others....


HVAC Systems

To provide Maintaining heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems in the buildings, including heavy equipment such as refrigerants , Compressors , Chillers and Boilers....